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NBA 2014-15 Teams' Offensive Rebounds Comparaison
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Teams at Offensive Glass

Although offensive rebounds are not the exact indicator to measure teams’ winning probability at basketball, they are one of the key factor for measuring team offensive performance. In this mini-analysis, we will compare teams’ offensive rebounds numbers according to the 2014-15 NBA regular season data.


We selected three parameters: average offensive rebounds, average offensive rebounds per own missing field goals and offensive rebounds per possession.




On average Oklahoma City Thunder pulled more offensive rebounds than any other teams. But it seen that Detroit Pistons are more capable on at this category if we took into account the number of possessions. As DET is slow tempo team compared to OKC, they are in fact better offensive rebounder per possession. But probably, the better measure is offensive rebound per team own missed field goals. On this, UTA collected 27.51% of their missed shots rebounds, which is the league highest.


Here are the scatter plots of teams for these two composite offensive rebounds metrics.






  • Fırat Erdem

    Tabloda 27.51% Offensive Reb Per Missing FG’ye sahip takım Utah gözüküyor ama metinde DET yazmışsınız. Yazım yanlışı olmuş herhalde.

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