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NBA Miner | NBA Opening Night Team Facts
Team performances on opening nights of NBA.
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Team Facts in Opening Nights

American professional basketball leagues (BAA-NBA) started on November 1, 1946 with Toronto Huskies vs. New York Knicks game. And then, there have been 68 more opening nights including yesterday’s 2014-2015 season.


Do you ever wonder team based statistics on NBA opening nights? Here are the answers:


  • Total of 381 opening night games played in 69 years. On average 5.5 games played on the first day of the seasons. From 90s to 2001, ten to fifteen opening night games have been played; but starting with 2002, number of opening night games reduced to two to five games range.


  • Home teams won 233 times of that 381 games. Their winning percentage is 61.15%.


  • Los Angeles Lakers played most on opening nights by 41 times, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks follows them by 39 games each.


  • Among the teams played at least 10 games on opening nights, Los Angeles Lakers got the highest win percentage with 71%, followed by San Antonio Spurs 68% and Boston Celtics 67%.


  • On opening nights 13 games went to overtime and only 3 times there were double overtimes.


  • NBA seasons start on Tuesdays after 2000s. Only in 2011 lock-out season began on Sunday (25.12.2011) in those years. Before 2000s, the opening nights were generally Fridays.


The following table summarized opening nights win percentages for each team.




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