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NBA 2014-15 Teams' Quarters Based Points Scored Comparaison
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Quarter Based Team Performance

People believe some quarters are more important than other quarters. Especially it is important to begin strong and finish strong they say. In the following table, we examined teams points scored differences per quarters in 2014-15 regular season.




Golden State Warriors were the best team of last regular season, and they ultimately became NBA world champion. They in fact beat all other opponents in each quarters; but they were the most successful of entire league in second and third quarters.


In first quarters, Los Angeles Clippers made 3.29 points margin on average and so they were the better team to start games. Finally, in the closing quarters, Portland TrailBlazers and Chicago Bulls were betters. But pay attention that, for GSW and SAS, these finals quarters were mostly garbage time.


In contrast, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers had the worst win-loss records and this also reverberated to their quarter scores. 76ers were the worst team in first quarters. MIN were the worst in second quarters and NYK were the worst in third quarters. These three teams practically lost most of their games at the end of third quarters or even at the halftime. At this point, please also look our “Leading and Winning” analysis.


There are also some hidden signs in this table;


  • Boston Celtics lost their first and third quarters but they won 2nd and 4th quarters. We can roughly say their second unit was better. And we can instantly remember Isiah Thomas.


  • In a reverse way of Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder beat teams in 1st and 3rd quarters, and they were beaten in 2nd and 4th quarters. This shows their first unit was much stronger and when they exhausted, they fell back in the game. Actually, they lived with Russell Westbrook and they died when he fatigued.


  • Chicago Bulls were mostly even with their opponents at halftime (only 0.08 points ahead on average, which is the league closest halftime score). This was the Bulls season long problem of not entering into the game until the ends, showing their concentration problem.


Here are the summary visualization of quarter based team points scored.





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    Great read. As an NBA quarter market tipster I found this representation interesting. I hope you don’t mind the fact I copy pasted onto my FB group? I’ve linked through to this article. ‘Professor’

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