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28 Oct 14 Opening Night Stars

The 2014-2015 NBA season is starting today with new expectations for almost every team. From 90s to 2001, ten to fifteen opening night games have been played; but starting with 2002, number of opening night games reduced to two to five games range. (Three games will be played tonight.)   Only five players recorded a triple double on opening nights. In last 16 years, only...
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22 Oct 14 NBA Teams’ Winning Records

Click image to see a bigger version Total of 54,083 games are played in American professional basketball leagues (BAA-NBA) since first game tipped off on November 1, 1946. Fourty-five franchises have taken their place on the court until today. As is known, thirty of them are still active. For detailed information about folded franchises, click here.   In the table above, you...
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15 Oct 14 Folded Franchises

Glittering NBA History witnessed total 45 franchises since the outset. 30 of these 45 franchises are still active, but 15 of them have taken their place in history books. Last folded franchise was Baltimore Bullets which ceased their operations after 14 games (with 3-11 record) in 1954- 55 season. But they are not unique. Also in...
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26 Jul 14 Fast Break Kings of NBA

Fast break is an up-tempo style offensive basketball strategy where a team try to create a scoring position as quickly as possible. Since the 1996-97 season, in which NBA starts to record fast break points, %63 of 22.546 played games have been won by the teams that score more fast break points then their opponents....
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20 Jul 14 Rise of the Four-Point Plays

We bet that you have already heard this phrase during the 2013-14 playoffs: "Another four-point play for ..."   This year,  playoff's fever was exceptional. But not only fever, a number of four-point plays were exceptional, too. 2013-14 playoffs produced  all-time playoff record, 25 four-point plays. Previous record set at 2009-10 and 2002-03 years with only 8...
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