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20 Apr 15 NBA Miner’s Prediction Success

On 23th December 2014, we started making daily predictions for winner of each NBA game and we published them on our prediction page.   Our winner prediction algorithm is based on multiple statistical forecasting methods whose major parameters are: Teams’ winning percentage Teams’ score margin Teams’ pace Teams’ recent form Teams’ opponents strength in previous…

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22 Nov 14 All About Foul Stats

In a basketball game, especially in close one, fouls related statistics determine who will win the game. When the subject is fouls, you can also include the star treatment, official’ performances and hack-a-X’s into this debate.   In this analysis, we try to provide some interesting details about players foul statistics such as which NBA players…

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Success on Defense

09 Nov 14 Efficient Players on Defense

Unlike to offense, measuring a player’s defensive capability using his basic game statistics can be misleading. But that can also be a good starting point to quantify the contribution of the player’s defensive effort for his team. In this analysis, we have determined a unique defensive efficiency metric for players, taking into account 2013-14 NBA…

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29 Oct 14 Team Facts in Opening Nights

American professional basketball leagues (BAA-NBA) started on November 1, 1946 with Toronto Huskies vs. New York Knicks game. And then, there have been 68 more opening nights including yesterday’s 2014-2015 season.   Do you ever wonder team based statistics on NBA opening nights? Here are the answers:   Total of 381 opening night games played in…

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