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NBA Teams Winning Records versus each other
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NBA Teams’ Winning Records

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Total of 54,083 games are played in American professional basketball leagues (BAA-NBA) since first game tipped off on November 1, 1946. Fourty-five franchises have taken their place on the court until today. As is known, thirty of them are still active. For detailed information about folded franchises, click here.


In the table above, you can find all active franchises’ winning records against each other. Here are the most notable records:

  • San Antonio Spurs don’t have losing record against any franchise! They are only tied with Portland Trailblazers (76-76)
  • Only Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs have more than 60% winning rate among active franchises. Boston Celtics is on the third place with a winning rate of 59%
  • Charlotte Bobcats(Hornets) has the worst winning rate against single team. (2-17 versus Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs)
  • Charlotte Bobcats(Hornets) is the less successful(active) franchise of NBA in terms of winning percentage with just 36.4% record (Last franchise to join NBA), followed by Los Angeles Clippers (38.2%) and Memphis Grizzlies (39.5%)
  • Boston Celtics has the most wins against single franchise. (278 versus New York Knicks) Also, Celtics has more wins than any other franchise with 3,133 games.
  • Most regular season games are played by Boston Celtics (5,314), followed by New York Knicks (5,311) and Golden State Warriors (5,310)



W/L Records of All Existed Franchises



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