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NBA Miner | NBA Champions Overall Win Records
NBA Champions Overall Win Records
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NBA Champions Overall Win Records

Here are complete list of NBA Champions’ and regular season winners overall win/lost records. (Yellow lines indicate when both same team.)


1996 Chicago Bulls hold best degree with 0.870 win percentage (72-10 regular season plus 15-3 playoff record). 2016 Golden State Warriors can beat it with current 0.879 record (73-9 regular season plus current 7-2 playoff record).


There is no case in NBA Playoff history that a team won the championship unbeaten. 2001 Los Angeles Lakers and 1983 Philadelphia 76ers lost only 1 game each.


2008 Boston Celtics lost 10 games in playoffs which is the most for a champion.




Below graph shows the comparison of NBA champions overall winning percentages year by year.



NBA Champions Win%




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