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NBA Miner | NBA Five Second Inbound Violations
Mini analysis about NBA five second inbound violations. Last eight years' team-by-team, quarter and home/away 5-second inbound violation stats.
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Five Seconds are Getting Shorter and Shorter


Last night, in the last 5 seconds of the regular time, Oklahoma City Thunder was down with one point but had the ball and so had the opportunity to win the game. Unfortunately, they failed to inbound the ball in five seconds and lost the game to the Grizzlies. Last week, same thing had happened to the Spurs when Boris Diaw fell down to five seconds inbound rule.

Did you ever feel that those whistles are occuring more frequently, or is it simply a coincidence?

Looking at games data starting from 2007-2008 season, five second violations are increasing year by year. Yet, this season is exceptional. In first 97 games of this season (as Nov 10), eight violations are called already resulting in 8.25 violations per 100 games.


Here is the breakdown of five second inbound violations for last eight years:




No doubt that five seconds violations are calling increasingly each year. This can be due to better defenses or more rigorous referees eager to call it. But we think you will be amazed when you notice how fast five seconds pass in the last quarters of games. Nearly 40% of these violations are called in the forth quarters. (Since 2007-08 season)



It seems better and more concentrated defenses in the deciding moments of games, force the offensive teams to fall this trap. But you will also surprised how referees count faster to five while away teams inbound…



And at last, in the table below, you can find laziness ranking of NBA Teams…





  • Stone Cold Steven Adams

    That Home – Away Distribution bar chart is just purposely misleading. The away bar is over 2 times as long, even though it’s only 19 more than the home one.

    Also, adding up the total number of 5 second violations since 2007-08 gives different results from each chart:

    The first one, giving totals from each season gives 226 overall.

    The next one, done by periods, gives 287 (I don’t know whether the 4th period includes OT here, but even so, it’s still a way higher number, that would only increase if OT were to be included, if it hadn’t).

    The home-away chart gives 295.

    Finally, the one by teams gives 273.

    So how many 5 second violations have there been since 2007-08? 226, 287, 295 or 273?


      Thank you for attention. 226 is the correct number. Just fixed the graphs. There was a problem regarding seasons.

      Thank you again.

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