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NBA Champions Win%

11 May 16 NBA Champions Overall Win Records

Here are complete list of NBA Champions’ and regular season winners overall win/lost records. (Yellow lines indicate when both same team.)   1996 Chicago Bulls hold best degree with 0.870 win percentage (72-10 regular season plus 15-3 playoff record). 2016 Golden State Warriors can beat it with current 0.879 record (73-9 regular season plus current 7-2…

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26 Jul 15 Quarter Based Team Performance

People believe some quarters are more important than other quarters. Especially it is important to begin strong and finish strong they say. In the following table, we examined teams points scored differences per quarters in 2014-15 regular season.     Golden State Warriors were the best team of last regular season, and they ultimately became…

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15 Jul 15 Teams at Offensive Glass

Although offensive rebounds are not the exact indicator to measure teams’ winning probability at basketball, they are one of the key factor for measuring team offensive performance. In this mini-analysis, we will compare teams’ offensive rebounds numbers according to the 2014-15 NBA regular season data.   We selected three parameters: average offensive rebounds, average offensive…

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20 Apr 15 NBA Miner’s Prediction Success

On 23th December 2014, we started making daily predictions for winner of each NBA game and we published them on our prediction page.   Our winner prediction algorithm is based on multiple statistical forecasting methods whose major parameters are: Teams’ winning percentage Teams’ score margin Teams’ pace Teams’ recent form Teams’ opponents strength in previous…

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Success on Defense

09 Nov 14 Efficient Players on Defense

Unlike to offense, measuring a player’s defensive capability using his basic game statistics can be misleading. But that can also be a good starting point to quantify the contribution of the player’s defensive effort for his team. In this analysis, we have determined a unique defensive efficiency metric for players, taking into account 2013-14 NBA…

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29 Oct 14 Team Facts in Opening Nights

American professional basketball leagues (BAA-NBA) started on November 1, 1946 with Toronto Huskies vs. New York Knicks game. And then, there have been 68 more opening nights including yesterday’s 2014-2015 season.   Do you ever wonder team based statistics on NBA opening nights? Here are the answers:   Total of 381 opening night games played in…

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28 Oct 14 Opening Night Stars

The 2014-2015 NBA season is starting today with new expectations for almost every team. From 90s to 2001, ten to fifteen opening night games have been played; but starting with 2002, number of opening night games reduced to two to five games range. (Three games will be played tonight.)   Only five players recorded a triple double on opening nights. In last 16 years, only...
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20 Jul 14 Rise of the Four-Point Plays

We bet that you have already heard this phrase during the 2013-14 playoffs: "Another four-point play for ..."   This year,  playoff's fever was exceptional. But not only fever, a number of four-point plays were exceptional, too. 2013-14 playoffs produced  all-time playoff record, 25 four-point plays. Previous record set at 2009-10 and 2002-03 years with only 8...
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