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20 Mar 16 Triple Doubles

Triple-Doubles are valuable stats showing how well a player performed in the game and how much he contributed to its team. There are 5 positive basketball basic metrics: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks; and triples-doubles require at least 10 at three of those five. In this post, we have collected all triple-doubles statistics in…

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14 Oct 15 Shooting Ability and Size

Everyone knows that, in general, guards are better shooters than centers. That means that bigger the size, poorer the shooting ability. In fact, a player only needs a good eye-hand coordination and average strength to be a great shooter. Thus, we can deduct that somehow size is negatively correlated with the coordination.   In this…

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22 Sep 15 Do NBA Referees Favor Home Teams?

Many NBA fans think NBA referees are probably biased at some degree. This bias can be towards larger market-teams, towards teams with superstars or towards home teams. But in reality there is hardly statistical evidence that referees really favor some teams or players.   In this analysis, we tried to use a new approach to observe…

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09 Aug 15 Measuring the Utility of Player Movements

There are continuous player movements in NBA from the end of a season to the next season’s trade deadline (generally at late February), because trades and free agents signings are important pieces of improving teams’ performance.   In 2013-14, there were 43 players who played for two different NBA teams, and there were 2 more…

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27 Jun 15 Leading and Winning

During a basketball game, how big of a point difference could be safe enough to say you have won? Well, it depends on both how much time is left on the clock and how many points a team is ahead.   In this analysis, we investigated 2014-15 NBA regular season games and tried to answer…

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Playing Time vs Usage Rate

29 Apr 15 Scoring and Usage

In basketball, playing time is one of the key component to measure how good a player is. If players are able to stay on the court, they will get more opportunity to perform and to prove themselves. And of course, they will have better basketball statistics.   In this analysis, we compared NBA players’ 2014-15…

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22 Nov 14 All About Foul Stats

In a basketball game, especially in close one, fouls related statistics determine who will win the game. When the subject is fouls, you can also include the star treatment, official’ performances and hack-a-X’s into this debate.   In this analysis, we try to provide some interesting details about players foul statistics such as which NBA players…

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